Julio Ortiz

Facilities Manager, Anderson

"high gas prices and the ongoing concern for the environment have prompted us to be more environmentally sensitive. Going bottle less is our way of contributing towards a greener planet. When we got the AquaFresca water purification system, it was the right thing for us to do, and the water tastes great! Great Job AquaFresca!".

Ruth Seig

Purchasing June Jacons.

"I was receiving between 40-50 bottles per month. Today I don't have the hassles that came with those bottles anymore. AquaFresca took care of all my water needs and my water cost was reduced by 45%. Thank You AquaFresca."


Center of Orthopedic, West Orange NJ

"In my office heavy water jugs were difficult to change. Spills were common and space was scarce. Ever since we switched to the AquaFresca, there is no mess and more space in our break room".

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